Altoids Toolbox

Introduction: Altoids Toolbox

The finished toolbox
This tool box is for those who don't have a workspace, just a kitchen table to work on. It makes it easy to quickly get out of the way for dinner, or bring a pocket sized kit for small work, instead of lugging around a large toolbox and looking for what you need.
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Step 1: Choosing What You Need

I usually like to take things apart and design, so obviously I need a pencil, screwdriver and ruler. I also dabble in electrics, which is why scissors and wires are useful.
The other items are just those things that come in handy from time to time.
Whatever you use the most for small projects should be in the box.

Fitting it all in isn't difficult, as you can see in the second photo. Just rearrange it until it all fits, then close with a rubber band (you never know when you'll need one)

And that's all, a five minute job for an easy and portable toolbox.

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