Introduction: Altoids/mint Tin Mini Watercolor Paint Box-NEW PROCESS!

Watch me retire my beloved companion of many years, my mini monkey paint box, and create a new one.
Altoids/mint tin mini water color paint box/set, showing my new process which allows for more 1/4 pan size watercolor pans for a smaller box. also addresses some of the problems faced by other mini tin paint box creators.
Great to tuck in a pocket or through in a purse, easy to use in public without causing a lot of attention, Great for daily field sketches, or to sneak out during lunch break, waiting rooms or subway or plane ride. (do not take the razor blade sharpener to public places, I would only take that with me to the out doors, it is only shown as a possibility, I use a small pencil sharpener, also in a fix, a piece of sand paper, a flat rock or piece of concrete work well to sharpen pencils.)

Free music by: Jason Shaw
You Tube user/audionautix