Introduction: Always Ready Deburr Station

About: Retired Tool Maker ( 1980 ) Retired Mechanical Engineer ( 2009 ) Full time Tinkerer

So every time I drill a hole I like to use a counter sink to deburr the sharp edges. This means a tool change on the drill press. So to save time I thought: Why not have an old hand drill always set up with a counter sink tool and a foot switch.

Step 1: Plywood Frame for an Old Drill

To hold the drill motor in place I built a plywood frame to mount it to the corner of a wall next to the drill press. A wood block to take the thrust of cutting and two wire ties to hold it in place. I also drilled a hole in the wood block to hold the chuck key for tool changes.

Step 2: ON - OFF and Speed Control

So to make it hands free I wanted to have a foot switch to start the motor. When I looked at the junk pile I found a foot control from a sewing machine. This was great! It would give me On - Off and some speed control. I used grounded cords to make it safe. It lives on the floor under the drill motor deburr station. Also I use the trigger lock to keep the motor ready to run.

Really funny speed control. When you step on the foot lever it squeezes a stack of carbon disks. The harder you squeeze the faster the motor runs!

Step 3: Safety Cover

Having a sharp tool sticking out isn't great. So I have a vinyl cap I put over the cutter when it isn't in use. Well most of the time I don't cover it, but I do when I have guests. Other wise I store it on the tail of the wire tie.

So if you have an old drill motor I hope you have fun building this deburr station and get a load of use out of it.

Best Wishes, Carl.