Introduction: Amazing Cardboard Stool

Hello young-minded makers!!

Has it ever happened to you that when you were cleaning up your storage room, and ended up with a lot of cardboard (boxes,insulation etc..). And you have no clue about what to do with it ? Well my advice is: 1) DO NOT THROW IT!! 2) Make something useful with it. 3) If you don't know what to make, then make a lovely cardboard stool!

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials & Tools


    • Cardboard (2m x 1m x 0.01m of cardboard is more than enough).
    • Note: It doesn't have to be one piece.

    Tools :

    1. A jigsaw or a paper-cutter.
    2. A ruler & pencil

    Step 2: Making Your Templates

    You don't have to use templates, but I did so that I could get the right shapes first on a paper. And then later cut it out to use it as a template for tracing the shape on the cardboard. But if you are skilled enough you draw the shapes straight - away on the the cardboard. We need only 5 different types of templates to make the stool. The sizes don't really matter, it could be decided intuitively. What really matter's are the shapes of the templates. First comes the 2 base templates:

    Step 3: ​Base Template 1:

    You need two of these pieces.

    Step 4: Base Template 2

    You need two of these pieces.

    Step 5: Support Template 1

    You need two of these pieces.

    Step 6: Support Template 2

    You need two of these pieces.

    Step 7: Support Template 3

    You need three of these pieces.

    Step 8: Connector Pieces

    You need nine of these pieces.

    Step 9: Tracing the Templates on Your Cardboard and Cutting Them Out

    Now that you 'he got your templates it's time to trace it on your cardboard !!

    After you'he finished tracing, cut the cardboard using either a jigsaw or simply a paper-cutter.

    Optional: Then if you want to give it a homely look you can stick wood designed wallpaper to the cardboard pieces.

    Step 10: Assembling the Pieces

    Congrats !!

    Now byjust placing and interconnecting remote pieces of "useless" cardboard you are going to make an amazing stool.

    Step 11:

    Now sit back on your stool and enjoy !!

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