Introduction: Amazingly Fast Fidget Spinner From Cardboard With No Bearings

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Hello Everyone in this instructable i made amazingly superfast fidget spinner from cardboard without using bearings if you are crazy about fidget spinner then you should have a look at this instructable

Step 1: Hate Reading?Then This Video Is for You

This video shows the spin time and surely you will be surprised to see its spin time

Step 2: Starting Up!

  • 3cm is marked on compass and circle is drawn on cardboard
  • 4cm is marked on compass and circle is drawn on cardboard

Step 3: Phase 1

  • Using protractor the circle is divided into 6 parts
  • 1cm is marked on compass and 2 smaller circles are drawn

Step 4: Phase 2

  • around the edge of 3cm circle a circle of 1cm is drawn
  • arc is drawn between 2 circles for every pair
  • Hole is made on the cut part

Step 5: Finishing

  • ive used metallic balls for weight
  • 6 balls are used
  • fidget cap is pierced using toothpic
  • glued to fidget spinner body

Step 6: Ready to Spin

The spinner is ready..

ThankYou For Your Time and Patience in Reading My instructable Hope it Helped You ^_^

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