Introduction: American Flag Dog Bandana

Patriotic holidays definitely bring people together. Whether it’s a parade, picnic, family barbecue or a good old-fashioned neighborhood party, these fun celebrations call for dressing the part. So why stop at just the human family members donning the red, white and blue attire, when you can get even the furry family involved! This American flag bandana is perfect for your four-legged pal to let him join the party. Tulip® ColorShot fabric spray makes it easy to create the perfect canine accessory!


Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Fabric Spray

● Freezer paper

● Pencil

● Craft knife

● Painter’s tape

● Bandana

● Iron

● Disposable plastic table cover

Step 1:

Draw star shapes onto a piece of freezer paper.

Step 2:

  • Find the center of the bandana by folding it in half diagonally from corner to corner to form a tringle.
  • Press with an iron. Iron on stars to one side of the bandana, staying within the triangle.
  • On the other side, use tape to mask off stripes.

Step 3:

  • Cover work surface with protective cover.
  • Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Cover your stripe section with protective plastic piece before spraying the blue star side.
  • Spray 2-3 coats of Blue over stars area. Let dry between coats. Let dry.

Step 4:

  • Cover the Blue with protective plastic.
  • Spray the red striped side with 2-3 coats, letting dry between coats. Let dry.

Step 5:

Once dry, remove tape and freezer paper stars to reveal your patriotic design!

Step 6:

Post your creation and tag @TulipColorCrafts