Introduction: Amigurumi Watering Can & Flowers

I made this for my mom, and largely 'winged it', so I'm afraid I don't have a real pattern to speak of... the tulip and rose patterns I loosely used are here. <<TULIP>><<ROSE>>  The daisy has no pattern, just my brain.

This pattern is for the butterfly.  <<CLICKY>>

I colored the butterfly with fabric markers, and affixed it with just a straight pin, so she could move it around the piece as she wished. I used styrofoam circles and stones to fill the pot, securing the top styrofoam circle with a bead of hot glue before sewing in the disc of crocheted 'water' on top. I threw in some pretty blue glass stones on top for variety, it can be displayed with or without them. The handle has a doubled over length of wire inside for shaping. The flower stems are craft wire, the kind that comes wrapped and looks all stemmy. Poked through the styrofoam into the piece, and up into the flowers, using a drop or 2 of hot glue to keep them securely in place.

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