Introduction: Amusement Bird Park

Anyone who has cockatails or similar birds as companions will know how smart they can be and how important it is to keep them entertained to ensure their quality of life.

For this reason, this project consists of creating a playground where they can search for food and find toys that catch their attention.

As for the design, it was taken into account that it could be adjustable to avoid getting used to the same elements.


In my case, I used wood scraps, screws and corner braces to create a drawer to place the different elements, but any wooden box wide enough to support the different structures can be used. I also used remnants of wood to create the wooden columns where the different elements are placed.

Other supplies used: aluminium wire, wooden sticks for crafts of different diameters, wooden balls of different colors, decorative paper for lining, 3D prints, cloth skein, closed sockets, old toys and swings, cardboard from kitchen rolls and from egg cups...

For the bottom, I used wood shavings and hay to hide the food: millet and bird feed; and the prize: sunflower seeds.

Step 1: Building a Ladder

First, I created a ladder to link the two main structures. To do this, I cut two two pieces of aluminium wire and divided the smaller diameter wooden sticks into pieces of about 6 cm. I made two holes in each piece and inserted them into the wire, adding two wooden balls between each piece.

Step 2: Cloth Skein Swings

I printed plastic circles using a 3D printer (I could have also use the aliminum wire instead), which I then lined with the cloth skein to make them more comfortable.

Step 3: Swing and Wooden Stands

I used the thicker wooden sticks (at least 2cm diameter for cockatiels) to make perches for birds and a swing, using closed sockets, to be able to add toys later that can vary each week.

Step 4: Covering the Structure

I cover the wooden drawer and the main wooden structures with decorative paper to prevent damage and to facilitate cleaning.

Step 5: Adding Toys and Food

I added old toys in the available closed sockets and covered the bottom with the cartons, the wood shavings, the hay and the food.

Step 6: Happy Birds

With all these work, my little birds have a place where they can have a good time entertaining.

We must not forget that we will need to build new toys from time to time. For example, we can add a small container with water to serve as a bathtub, add cuttlebone, etc.

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