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Hey everyone!

Today I will be talking about my Amy Pond kissogram cosplay from the episode "The Eleventh Hour" from season 5 of Doctor Who. First of all, this is a walkthrough and not a tutorial because i don't really have progress pictures, only a few, but i hope this still helps:) Let's start with a breakdown of the costume.

Step 1: Breakdown

The costume includes:

  • White buttoned shirt
  • Black pencil mini skirt
  • Black police vest
  • Checked tie
  • Black nylon stockings
  • Black leather belt
  • Black flat leather shoes
  • Gold watch (i made this cotume in a few days and didn't have time to find one)
  • Red nail polish

Step 2: Shirt, Skirt and Vest

Ok, so i got a simple white buttoned shirt from a second hand store, i already had the stoking, and i used some old black strechy fabric to make the skirt. Here is a tutorial if you want to check it out.

Now for the vest:

I self patterned the vest using a T-shirt. I used a none strech fabric. the vest I made has two large pockets at the front, closed with velcro (just like the vest itself). The vest has blue and white striped trim on the shoulder front and on the back. I made the trim myself with some ribbon and paint (again, this costume was made on a rush).

She has a tag that says "police" on the front and back. Mine was simply painted with white acrylic paint and that sewed/hot glued to the vest. And yes. I know that the back looks awful.

Step 3: The Tie

The next thing was the tie. I didn't have any checked fabric, so I just painted all of the squares with a black fabric marker.

Step 4: Final Touches

I had some black leather boots that were about ankle high, good enough.

My wig is from aliexpress. you can find it here. It's really good for the price, but it does shed a bit. Maybe one day i would upgrade this costume. add accessories to the belt, get a watch. but i really love the way it turned out!

Step 5: Take Some Nice Pictures:)

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