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Hello Instructables!!

This is my first time posting here. Also this is a project I need a few years back for the fun of it all. Growing up my family always did Halloween and made our own monsters. Now that I've married and moved out, my wife and I still like to make Halloween creatures and body parts, the creepier and the more realistic the better.

Supplies Needed

1- Brain Jell-O mold

1- Tube Grey silcon caulking

1- Bottle of Gorilla Glue


1- small can of Red Mahagony wood stain

Patrolium Jelly

Step 1:

Using the brain Jell-O mold, rub a thin layer of patrolim jelly around the inside of the mold. Then using the silicone caulking. Squeeze out and smear a thick layer around the inside of the mold, making sure the press it into all the brain folds.

Step 2:

Now once the caulking has set up. Take the bottle of Gorilla glue mix it in a cup of water. This will concoction will begin to start foaming and expanding up. Pour this mix into your mold. Let this sit over night, dont try to fill the brain all at once. Do this set over a couple nights.

Step 3:

Once the foam has cured you can remove it from you mold. Take your time and gently wiggle it all out, This is were the layer of jelly you use earlier help, by preventing the caulking form sticking fully to the mold. Once out it should look like a brain with grey matter and all. Now it time to color it accordingly. I wanted it to look boody and wet. So I took a small can of Minwax Red Mahogany and rub it into every fold I could, making sure to put it on heavy at first and then rubbing back off a slight layer.

That's all. I hope this was understandable and I hope you have fun...... Also please vote for my project

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