Introduction: An Oh-So-Original Duct Tape Wallet

If done right, can prove to be very presentable, and neat.

Features include;
--full coverage of the bills
--a very thin profile
--retains straightness
--clear sleeve for ID
--multiple card slots.

Step 1: Obtain Materials, and Prepare Preparations

You will require
--thin, rigid card-like material
--Pen, Ball-point or Felt-tip*
--A plastic sleeve, the kind you put playing cards into**
--A legal bank note =P or a bill
--Plastic card, such as id, credit card, etc**
--Duct tape

*Liquid ink-well type pens do not work well on coated card
**optional, if you wish to opt out on these, for a simple wallet

Step 2: Forming the Forms That Will Form the Form of the Wallet

Grammar alright in the title? =P

Alrighty, so no we take the cards, measure them out, and cut the 9 x 8 cards that will form out wallet.

Step 3: Cue in Mr Duct Tape, Centre Stage

so, now we form it, by neatly covering the cards in tape

Step 4: Come Together, Right Now, to Form Thee

With the basic folds, for the left and right side of the wallet, we need to now bring it together.

Step 5:

Card slots, as well as an ID card sleeve.