Introduction: Andes Mountain Range Volcano (Chimborazo)- Scene

One of the most known regions of the South America is the Andes Mountain Range. That is the exact reason for which I decided to do a Volcano for this project. It was fairly easy, considering I had already done all of the TinkerCad starters (highly recommended). In order to do this project you will only need to know basic TinkerCad skills, creativity and dedication. I hope you like it!


Any electronic device (I would recommend an iPad or tablet because it is easier to work with a big touchscreen) and the TinkerCad app or website.

Step 1: The Moss/grass

For the grass, I just used the scribble tool and did squiggly circles (pictured above). You can do one and duplicate it or many with different shapes and sizes. I would recommend the latter, since it will look more organic.

Colours used

Hex# 5d7a69

Step 2: The Mountain

For the mountains I just used the parabloid shape and played around with height and width. I did 2 big ones and 3 smaller ones around. Again, you could just make one big one and one small one and duplicate them. In the end, it should look like the picture above.

Colours used:

Hex# a97b50

Step 3: The Snow

Okay, this is the last step, for the snow, I just created another really wide parabloid and filled it white, because it would be snow.

Colours used

Hex# fafafa

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