Introduction: Andreas & Alex's Winner Crane (The Parrot)

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The crane inspired from the nature, using soft but indestructable curves. This crane will accomplish fewer than expected tasks.

This project was made in a few hours - and the result resembles the effort.

Functional considerations:

- Determine the overall desired final size.

- List the functionalities you want to bring in (Motors, gears etc.)

Step 1: Parts Needed

The Ai file contains the sketch with all the parts for the


For this crane you will be needing the following items:

1. 2 x 20 ml. surringe.
2. 5 mm. plastic tubing (at least 20 cm. long)
3. Gluegun
4. 55 x 6 mm. screw
5. Screwdriver
6. 60x80cm 6mm MDF sheet

Step 2: Ai, Lasercutter

Download the Ai file

• Upload to a lasercutter

• Use a 600 x 800 x 6 mm. piece of plywood or whatever you want, as long as you make sure its only 6 mm thick.

• Proceed with cutting the parts.

• Now assemble the parts (Check step 3: Assembly)

Step 3: Assembling the Crane

how to assemble the crane:

We made it easy to assemble the crane by making parts able to plug together. Glue is needed. See pictures for step by step guide how to assemble.

  1. place the yellow verticle craneholders into the bottom plate.
  2. place the longer black verticle-surringe-holder into the bottom plate.
  3. assemble the red supports with glue and insert them into the verticle legs.
  4. attach the screw through the bottom of the plate into the red supports.
  5. assemble the blue crane arm with the green verticle arm.
  6. place into the yellow craneholders.
  7. assemble the grey verticle arms that pushes the blue crane arm.
  8. place the grey arm to the backend of the blue crane arm.
  9. assemble the lightgrey box that will support the grey arms.
  10. finally glue the black topplate with a whole onto the black verticle arms.

Step 4: Attaching the Engine to the Crane.

Parts needed for the step is as follow:

  1. 180 mm wheel of wood.
  2. 13 mm stick.
  3. 9 volt battery.
  4. DC engine.
  5. on/off switch
  6. string /cord.
  7. gluegun.

Step 5: Assembling

following is the instructions for attaching the DC engine to the crane.

Please view the attached electrical instructions.

  1. Build a woodne box for the DC engine.
  2. make a whole into the verticle black arms and attach the wheel using the 13 mm wooden stick.
  3. place a 13 mm wooden stick aprox. 25 mm from the center of the wheel using a screw.
  4. also attach the 13 mm wooden stick (length 150 mm) to step 3.
  5. place the usrringes in the top of the black verticle arms.

Step 6: Done!

You're now done and ready to use the parrot crane. The resistance created by the surringes, is too much for the crane to move along with the crankshaft, which is glued to the lower surringe. This could be prevented if you use a motor with higher torque. It might not be functional, but it's beautiful!