Introduction: Angel and Demon Wings Pendant

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Read my username and I hope you get the impression that I like wings (and of course dream of flying). With that in mind, I hope you'll cope with the wing-related projects that I've been churning out!

Anyway, I was cleaning my room and saw a bookmark that I made last year. The design was a pair of wings, one representing "goodness" and the other "evil." They folded in half on top of the page to be marked and magnets on the back kept the wings closed (the idea came from a great friend of mine ^^). Seeing them again, I felt inspired to make a miniature copy for that friend who presented me with the idea. You see, I'm graduating this year while she'll be a senior next year, so I'm still coming up with parts of my farewell and thanks-for-being-such-an-amazing-friend gift for her.

Step 1: Materials

  • WIRE (I used black 20 and 26 gauge wire and silver 20 and 28 gauge wire.)
  • pliers
  • necklace chain

Step 2: Sketching

The above picture is the sketch I made when designing the bookmark, and I used this as a guide for shaping the wire for the wings. You should use it as a guide to sketch out the dimensions of your pendant too.

Step 3: Angel Wing

For how to make the angel wing, see my other project Celtic Butterfly Pendant.

Step 4: Demon Wing: Part 1

Begin by grabbing your thicker black wire and using your angel wing or sketch of the demon wing as a guide to for shaping the top and bottom loops.

Step 5: Demon Wing: Part 2

See the above pictures on how to shape one of the fingers (literally what they're called for bat wings, according to my brief google search...).

Step 6: Demon Wing: Part 3

See above on how to shape the next finger.

Step 7: Demon Wing: Part 4

Last finger outlined above in the pictures again..

Step 8: Demon Wing: Part 5

For the webbing, you'll need the thinner black wire. Attach one end to the smallest finger and begin wrapping the wire around each finger. See the pictures above for a more detailed explanation.

Step 9: Demon Wing: Part 5

Repeat two more times to have three lines for webbing total.

Step 10: Connecting Wings (failure)

I originally planned to have two jump rings connect the sides of the wings, but this was a failure, as shown in the third picture; the wings moved too much and just--no.

Step 11: Connecting Wings and Jump Ring

Finally, to connect the two sides, I wrapped them together in two places with my thinner silver and black wires.

To transform this into a pendant, simply slip a jump ring through a loop and add a necklace chain.

There you have it -- a pair of wings to adorn your neck (or to present to the friend who inspired the bookmark idea in the first place; I hope she likes it!)

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