Introduction: Angry Balls

A simple and easy game made with the use of Unity Game Engine. (Inspired by Angry Birds)

Those who are trying to learn the game engine Unity can start learning by making games such as this as it is easy to do if you have the determination to do so.


A Personal Computer that is capable of running Unity.

Minimum requirements for Unity 2019.1

  • Operating system

Windows: 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only

macOS: 10.12+ Linux: Fixed at: Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and CentOS 7 Server versions of Windows and OS X are untested

  • CPUSSE2 instruction set support.
  • GPUGraphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

Step 1: Gather Up Your Digital Resources

In making a game, resources have to be gathered and used such as images and music that will be used for the game. Designing your own characters, objects in the game, choosing or creating your own music and such. We used photoshop to create and design our characters (inspired by the game "Among Us"), while the background and music used are from the movie "Toy Story".

Step 2: Install Unity Game Engine and Familiarize Yourself With It

You will have to install your game engine: Unity.

Programming is not easy, you'll have to familiarize yourself first with how it works and find out the basic concepts. You can learn the basics of this game engine by watching YouTube tutorials and reading books that helps new-learners.

Step 3: Watch a More In-depth Tutorial of How to Create the Game

Specially for newcomers, you can not just easily make a game in Unity with only basic knowledge of the game engine. Watch an in-depth tutorial of how to make a game inspired by Angry Birds.

The tutorial provided is a full walkthrough of programming the game teaching you how the scripts work and how to make it.

The tutorial we used is found here:

Step 4: Start Making the Game Itself

Start making the game with the help of prior knowledge regarding the game engine and tutorial videos watched.

We recommend to watch the walkthrough again as you are making the game so you will be in the same pace with the video and your progress is on point.

Note that programming is really time consuming! Specially when you are in the process of learning it or trying it out for the first time, so don't lose hope! With enough willingness and determination you'll be able to create your first finished and playable game.

Step 5: Add Your Own Elements in the Game

Of course, using your personally done digital resources such as the character designs, music, and menu design.

Specially the levels that you designed yourself, add these elements to the game so it won't just end up as a complete copycat of tutorial video made by someone in YouTube.

Step 6: Do Not Forget to Test Run Your Game

As you progress, we recommend that you test your game if it works so that you'll know if there's any problems or bugs and fix it immediately.

Step 7: Your Game Is Now Finished!

Congratulations! You have finished your game.

Do not forget to make a final test run, and if there are some bugs, try to fix it.

But if you know you have tried your best but can't seem to fix it, no worries!

Specially if its your first time making a game, we tend to have bugs in our game because we are inexperienced. This just means that there are more rooms for improvement.

Your game will be fine as long as its playable. Some minor bugs will only affect the gameplay experience lightly.