Introduction: Animal Balloon Dog

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If you follow these instructions you can make a dog out of a balloon

Step 1: Materials

Balloon pumper

Long skinny balloons

Step 2: Making Balloon Dog

First blow up your balloon with the balloon pumper then twist the dogs nose

Step 3: Making the Balloon Dog

Then next to your head make the same thing and fold it together and twist.

Step 4: Making the Balloon Dog

Then make a tiny neck about half the size of the others and put it right before the head.

Step 5: Making the Arms of the Dog

Now make the body by twisting two chunks the same size and fold em together like the ears

Step 6: Making the Legs of the Dog

First twist a pretty good sized chunk and make two the same size like the arms and fold em together.

Step 7: Your Done!!!

Now you can draw eyes and whiskers nice work you're done!