Introduction: Anime Eyes

About: My names Libby! I'm 13 and 3/4 lol! I love drawing anime art, my fav colors are aquamarine and lime green, and I'm a Christian and proud of it! :D ooh and I'm a big fan of Mark Crilley!!!!
This is an anime eye I came up with! It's cute and easy to do! You will probably have all the items you need already, but if not they are highly easy to get! Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

1. A black Sharpie marker 2. A regular chocolate brown marker 3. A regular honey brown marker Or colored pencil 4. A white out pen or a white out bottle with a brush (a pens easier though) 5. A Reese's peanut butter cup (my favorite!) and a smile!! ;)

Step 2: Outline

Here you will use the black sharpie! Draw as shown until you get it just right. :) just keep practicing and then continue when your ready! And you are only doing an eye right now so you can practice, doodle, mess up, and do it all on the same paper. I want to make a tutorial on the rest of the face and body later. ;)

Step 3: Coloring In

Follow the pics! First color in black in a oval shape, not filling in the whole eye. Then use your chocolate brown to fill in the higher tip part. Then the honey brown for the bottom! ;) then add some lines with the darker brown on top of the lighter one to blend it. ^_~

Step 4: Sparkly Whites!!

Here's where you'll use the white out pen! You might want to get it going on another piece of paper, so you don't squeeze really hard and then get a puddle on the eye! Simply follow the photos and you'll do fine! First do a large dot and then three or two, small ones. :)

Step 5: Done!!!!

Aaaaaand.....your finished! I hope you had fun and please leave comments and likes thank you!!!!! :D