Introduction: French Tips With a Flair ;)

About: My names Libby! I'm 13 and 3/4 lol! I love drawing anime art, my fav colors are aquamarine and lime green, and I'm a Christian and proud of it! :D ooh and I'm a big fan of Mark Crilley!!!!
These nails are perfect for any occasion and are fairly easy to do! You should have all the things you need already. So enjoy and happy painting!

Step 1: Supplies

1. Nail polish remover 2. Cotton balls and Q-tips 3. Kiss or Art Decor thin brush white polish 4. Clearish pink polish 5. Kiss or Art decor thin brush silver polish 6. Red or hot pink polish (or whatever color you want the flower) 7. A straight pin or a bobby pin 8. A small paper plate or tray 9. A Coca-Cola and a smile!! ;D

Step 2: Clean Nails

You always want to take the time to take off any extra or old nail polish! Take a cotton ball or piece of tissue and dip it in the remover. Then rub til it's clean! For around the edges, use the Q-tip. Make sure you get into the very corners by bending your cuticle back and wiping inside for a clean look. ;)

Step 3: Paint on Base Coat.

Paint one to two coats of the clearish pink polish on each of you nails and let dry.

Step 4: Paint on White Strip

Using your white nail polish with the thin brush, paint several strokes across the top of the nails. Let dry.

Step 5: Add a Silver Strip

Paint a thin silver strip below the white one, with your thin silver paint brush. Let dry

Step 6: Add a Flower!!

Take whatever color you desire and pour a small portion on your paper plate or tray. Then dip your pin (whatever kind) in the paint and do 4-5 small dots in a circle in a corner of your nail. Add a silver dot to the middle if you desire! :)

Step 7: Your Finished!

And your done!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please leave likes and comments! I'm just getting into nail art so I would appreciate any encouragements or praises! Thank you! ;D