Introduction: Another NES Computer

A computer squeezed into an old NES case. I had the idea to do this for a few years and after seeing a few other instructables decided to give it a try.

parts needed:
old nes console
itx motherboard (i used asrock qc5000 board)
itx power supply
harddrive (i used 1000gb)
1 40mm pwm fan
12v 10a adapter
2 nes to usb converters

Step 1: First Step, Clean Out Inside of Case.

Take out all of the original NES components. I cut all of the standoffs except for the 4 corners of the case. the standoffs can be reused by cutting and then gluing them back into the correct places for the mainboard and accessories.

Step 2: Cut Out Motherboard Hole and Glue in Backplate, Place Motherboard and Glue Standoffs

after cutting a hole with dremel and gluing in the backplate the old standoffs can be cut and glued into place to hold the board.

Step 3: Connect Original Controller Ports to Adapters by Soldering.

Step 4: Connect Power Supply, Fan and Ram Along With Harddrive.

in this step everything just needs to be connected. i used the old power button fronts, but used my own buttons due to space constraints.

Step 5: Boot Up and Install Windows. Then It Is Ready to Use.

Step 6: Inside Assembled Detail

a view of the completed project.