Introduction: Custom Kids Wagon.

Made this wagon from scratch as a baby gift for friends. I had built 1 in the past from a radio flyer, but this time went totally custom and home built (apart from the wheels)

Step 1: Make the Box.

I really wanted to go with an ammo crate style seating area. it was made from pine to keep the weight down as much as possible.

Step 2: Seal the Wood.

Since i was using pine and it soaks up water like i sponge, 3 coats of sealer was added.

Step 3: Paint the Box.

Simple spraypaint was used to create the theme. Some truckbed liner was added to give some protection for the wood.

Step 4: Cut Steel for the Frame

Cutting all pieces according to a plan makes this step much easier. Drawing things out and measuing means no surprise later.

Safety counts here, use the appropriate protective gear.

Step 5: Weld Together Frame Pieces.

Weld together the frame sections on a flat surface to ensure things end up straight.

Step 6: Setup Steering Design.

Assemble the parts for steering the wagon. Tie rods with heim joints were used to add car-style control.

Step 7: Sandblast Parts

Since i have access to a sandblaster it was used to get all the parts down to fresh metal. This can be done just as well with a wire brush on a drill or by hand with sandpaper if needed.

Step 8: Prime

Prime all parts before painting to ensure years of fun

Step 9: Paint, Paint, Paint!

4 layers of paint were used to add extra durability.

Make sure to let things dry and cure before flipping to paint another section.

Step 10: Add Comfort.

Some paracord was used to wrap the handle to add some comfort.

Step 11: Assemble.

Now is the time to put everything together. Some metal plates were used to rest the wheels on when stopped so that the wagon doesnt roll away by itself.

A family member knit a matching blanket as well.

Step 12: Admire the Finished Product

Since this was my 2nd go at a wagon I really enjoyed how it turned out and learned many things that could be applied if a 3rd ever gets made.

I hope this instructable gives some inspiration and if you have any questions leave a comment and an answer will be provided

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