Car Rim Coffee Table




Introduction: Car Rim Coffee Table

I wanted for a long time to make a table out some junk car rims. This is the process and how it ended up looking when is was finished. I hope it gives others inspiration to get out there and work with some junk!

Step 1: First Find Some Cheap Car Rims!

I found these rims with tires for only $40. They were in rough shape but thats what i wanted as a style. Places to look are sites like Kijiji, craigslist, or you can even visit your local junkyard since they will have a wide range of choices.

Step 2: Get the Tires Removed From the Rims.

This step is only needed if your rims had tires still on them. Best to get this done by a pro.

Step 3: Clean Up the Dirt, Sand Down the Paint.

My favorite cleaner is some isopropyl alcohol, however paint stripper, paint thinner all work great.

I am lucky to have access to a sandblaster which leaves a nice paint surface. This step can be done easily with sandpaper and elbow grease!

Step 4: Test Fit and Measure

I cut some threaded rod which fit nicely into the lug nut holes.

This is the time to determine the table height. i needed 18" and the rims are 7" each. The rods allow for a 4" gap in the middle of the legs.

Also got the required nuts. I used locknuts and normal nuts but anything you have will work just the same. Washers can be added to keep things centered as most wheels have sloped lug nut surfaces

Step 5: Paint Time

Once you are sure everything will fit its time for paint. I recommend painting the bottom before the top since it is what will be seen the most. Take your time and let things dry.

Step 6: Let Things Dry

I left the rims drying for 2 weeks for the paint to cure up a bit. Your time may vary based on the weather and your climate.

Step 7: Time to Assemble

Using a nice soft towel to protect your new paint is a great idea here.

Adding some felt feet to the bottom of the rims protects the floor as well.

Step 8: Add a Glass Top and Admire Your Work!

This piece of glass came from an old computer desk. This is another time that asking around on classified ad sites will help. Or you can just buy a piece from a glass shop if your budget allows it.

I welcome feedback so if you have any tips/ comments to share leave them here.

Thanks for reading. :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, I am going to try this. What are the silver knobs on the glass, and did you use them as contact points on the rims? I see one picture with them making contact and the other picture with it not.


    Reply 6 years ago

    good catch! i tried at first to use some silicone door bumpers for mounting but they didnt work.

    the metal mounts on the glass are pieces of stainless steel with epoxy to mount.