Introduction: Ant Terrarium

An ant terrarium is a twist on a traditional ant farm. What make the terrarium different from a traditional farm is that it allows the ants to live in a more natural environment. The ants also live longer in the terrarium then in a tradition farm. The ants in the terrarium eat natural food that they would eat in the wild.


120 square feet Plexiglas

potting soil


small pebbles

window screen



Step 1:

Step one you must cut out five 12 inch by 12 inch pieces of Plexiglas. To get the best attachment you should cut notches into the glass so it lines up together and when you glue it it holds better. For glue you should use some form of clear liquid cement. This way the water should stay in the box. I suggest letting the box sit and harden for a day. After you are done with this your should remove all the covering from the Plexiglas.

Step 2: Adding the Pebbles

Now it is time to put the first layer in. This layer should be of some small pebbles. You should put enough in that you cover the bottom and go up 1-2 centimeters. This layer is very important because it allows the soil to drain. If the soil doesn't have room to drain then bacteria and mold may start growing and that is very harmful to ants. After this your on to your next step.

Step 3: Filter Layer

Now you must put a filter layer on top of the rocks. You must do this because you need a layer in between the rocks and soil. The best way to do this is to put some window screen down. this allows the water to pass through, but keeps the soil on top. Also the filter will keep your ant from crawling into the rocks.

Step 4: Soil Layer

Next its time to add your layer of soil. You should included as much as possible because this is where the ants will make their home. remember ants like uneven ground so at the top make some hills and bumps in the soil. for my soil I chose regular potting soil.

Step 5: Vegetation

Now that all the the soil is in it is time to add the plants your ants will eat. make sure that you research what types of plant your ant eats. If you put the wrong ones your ants will have nothing to eat and will starve. Also make sure that you put enough plants in so your food supple won't run out.

Step 6: Close It

Now put your ants in. After you do this close the top with some window screen. This will still allow air and sunshine to come through, but will keep the ants from escaping. After this you are done make sure to water your plants regularly. I suggest using a spray bottle so you won't destroy the ants homes. Enjoy!