Introduction: Anti Gravity Cake With M&M's

Transform your favorite cake in a sciences defying experience. Create a decoration of M&M's spilling from the pack and spread all over the cake.

This recipe is really easy and allow you to radically change the style of your cake.

Step 1: Ingredients

First of all you will need a cake. Any cake will suit, any taste ans any shape. I used a classical round chocolate cake.

For the decoration you will need:

-A large pack of M&M's

-A small size pack of M&M's

-3 straws

-50g of melted dark chocolate

Step 2: Create the Flow

To structure and maintain the M&M's use the 3 straws covered with melted chocolate and and plant it in the cake, and bend the top.

Then place M&M's around the straws using chocolate as a cement. To facilitate this step you can cool down the M&M's or keep the chocolate at a temperature near solidification. Thanks to this the chocolate will solidify as you place it on the straws and it will prevent the structure from collapsing.

Once you've reached where you've bent the straws with the M&M's, you can spread the remaining candies on the cake to fake a flow of M&M's. If you place M&m's on the side use chocolate to fix it.

Step 3: Finish

Now take the little bag of M&M's open it properly with a straight cut. Try to remove unaesthetic advertising if there is any. Empty it ( you can use it in the previous step if you lack M&M's) and put a tissue in it to make it appears as full.

Put the pack on top of the colonne and arrangenit until you're pleased with the result.

The Cake is ready, now you can serve it to your friends and familly.