Introduction: Transform Any Bag Into a Camera Bag

A camera bag is very useful to carry all your stuff during a trip or on a set, but camera bags are expensive and it also reveals that you carry with you expensive equipment. Which can lead to the theft of your goods. That's why sometimes carrying your stuff with a regular bag is safer, especially during vacation. But you take the risk of damaging your camera.

So to combine the safety of a camera bag and the discretion of a regular bag I designed a storage system to transform your bag in a camera bag.

Step 1: Materials

To built this you will need:

A bag

A gym carpet

Duck tape


A rule

Step 2: First Cut

Once you have decided the bag you want to use cut in your gym carpet a rectangle which measure the same size of the bafk of the bag. For me it was 26cm*35cm.

Then cut 4 rectangular pieces that will go around the first rectangle. 2 of them with the same height and 2 with the same width. For the other dimension choose a size which fits in your bag. For my bag i chose 6cm.

Step 3: Assemble

Once you've placed the 4 pieces around the first rectangle. Fix it with some tape and make sure you let a little space between the pieces in order to fold it later. Once you place the pieces in order to form the pattern of a box cover the entire structure with tape to solidify it.

Step 4: Put Some Compartiments

Now you can fold the 4 sides to form the boxe. Then fix it with tape at each corner.

Then cut 2 long stripes of gym carpet to form compartiments in your box. the width is determined by the dimension you choose earlier (6cm for me). And the lenght is the sum of the width of the compartiment and the its length. (You can cut it to facilitate the folding). Then cover it with tape.

Fix it in the box with tape. At edges and at the corner first to form the compartiment then all along to solidify it.

Do it again form the other side.

Finally cut 3 or 4 rectangles to separate your different devices in your bag. Cut it according the dimension of your compartiments. Cover it with tape and let 2 cm of tape at the edge. You can choose to fix it in the box or keep it free to adjust the configuration each time.

Keep the scrap to wedge the devices in your bag.

Step 5: Finish !

Now your camera bag is ready. You can fit it in your bag with all your camera and optics to shoot incredible photos.

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