Introduction: Anti-Gravity Fedora

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Have you been looking for a hat that will impress?

STOP THE LOOKOUT!!! You just found it!

This is the anti gravity Fedora. A Fedora with an attachment that defies the laws of gravity! Place whatever you want on top of this hat!

Job Interview? No problem! Imagine walking in with this hat and your resumé slapped on top! Talk about an instant job offer!

Going On a First Date? This hat has your back! Place a flower like a rose on top and you'll enjoy a Second Date!

Wedding? Here is an Idea, walk in with your wedding present on this? Is it your wedding? Have your ring bearer hold your rings on this hat!

Whatever the circumstance, this is the hat for all!!

How it works:

You may know that string can not be withhold under compression, only tension. That means that string cannot do things like hold up a table from the ground. This fedora makes it look like it can though. Take a look at the corner strings they're holding it up!

*Spoiler alert*

This does not actually defy gravity, the middle string is the reason because it is, in fact, in tension. This means that the middle string is the only string bearing the weight of the table and the object. The other strings only stop it from falling over.



  • Fedora
  • Tape
  • Cardboard box
  • String
  • Two Toothpicks
  • Spray Paint (optional)

Step 1: The Cuts

With Scissors:

  • Cut four, 5 in X 5in squares
  • 6 of the finned rectangles

Step 2: The Assembly Part 1

First: Tape 2 squares together.

Second: Fold the 2 finned rectangles at around halfway up the slope (Photo #1). Then Fold two and cut one so that it looks like (Photo #2)

  • one cut
  • one folded to the right
  • one folded to the left

Tape these together into one piece

Third: Tape the two structures (Rectangle and Square) together.

SECURELY tape the rectangle 2.5 in down one the side of the square in Photo #3 The folds should make it easier to secure it.

Fourth: Make 4 holes with a scissors or pen in each corner of the base like in Photo #4 and make one about a half inch down for the rectangle

Fifth: Repeat the exact steps so that you have two identical frames

Sixth: Thread and Tie four strings (greater than 9 in so you have room to tie) through each hole and double not and tape over each knot. Then thread and tie a shorter string (greater than 5 in still) through the rectangle sticking out of the square base Photo #6

Step 3: The Assembly Part 2

Time for the hardest part...

First: Place the two frames so that the leaning rectangles are facing the same direction (ie angled the same way) Then thread and tie two sides of each frame together with equal lengths of 5 in like in Photo #1

*Do not double Knot these as you most likely did not make everything perfectly symmetrical and you will need to readjust.

Second: Fold the two frames over each other (so that it looks like Photo #2) and do the same with the other two holes.

Third: Now for the last tie, attach the two finned rectangles with the string with enough tension to hold up the structure (Photo #4)

Fourth: Re-adjust the four strings until the top base is leveled. Then double knot and tape each string and you can cut the remaining string that hangs out (Photo #5)

Step 4: Reinforcing

Before being able to put any object on top of the anti gravity base, you must reinforce the two slanted rectangles.

To do so...

First: Restricting motion of the slanted rectangles moving left or right:

  1. Cut the two toothpicks in half.
  2. Make two pin holes with a pen and place the cut end of the toothpicks in those holes Photo #1 and #2
  3. Push the two picks of the toothpick against the r slanted rectangle so that they restrict motion if the rectangles moving right or left.

Second: Restricting motion of the slanted rectangles moving forward

  1. Tie a loop of string around the slanted rectangle and pull hardish on the loop (Photo #3)
  2. Tape the ends on the bottom of the base. *Make sure theres enough tension pulling the slanted rectangles back.

Third: Flip over the structure and repeat for the other slanted rectangle

Step 5: The Paint Job (optional But Recommended)

  1. Pick a color to go with your fedora
  2. Tape the strings
  3. Paint away
  4. Remove the tape Photo #3
  5. Look at your masterpiece Photo#4

Step 6: Attach Structure to the Hat

  1. Cut and Fit a piece of cardboard to the back of the fedora to level the anti gravity table when its placed on top (Photo #1 and #2)
  2. Tape the table to the hat and the cardboard (Photo #3-6)

*Make the anti gravity structure point towards brim of the hat so when wearing the hat people can see anti gravity effect*

Step 7: Try It On!

Put whatever object you want to experience the anti gravity effect!

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