Introduction: Coffee Ground Body Scrub

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Coffee is well known for improving circulation and will visibly improve your skin, especially cellulite! Use this scrub 2x daily and you'll be amazed with the results just after a month of religiously using this coffee scrub.


1/2 coffee grounds
1/4 sugar
1/4 almond oil (you can also sub the almond for coconut or Olive oil)
Container to mix and store scrub in (a mason jar works great!)

Step 1: Mix

Mix all three ingredients in a bowl (or your storage container)

You want to make sure you mix the three well together and before every use thereafter since there scrub will somewhat separate during storing.

Use 2x daily for best results!

Step 2: Application Process

When you apply the scrub, it can be used all over the body but focus on your "problem" area the most. Work the scrub into your skin using up and outward circular motion. Coffee grounds contain antioxidants and help increase collagen production. You can use this scrub to exfoliate (I recommend doing this in the shower) because it does get a bit messy with the coffee grounds but clean up is a breeze as it will get washed down the drain anyways. Avoid getting the scrub in your eyes!!

Step 3: Storage

Mason jars make great storage containers for this scrub. Make sure the lid is sealed tight for a longer shelf life of up to 2 months. A ziploc bag can also be used as well, I just like the jars knowing nothing will get in the jar when it's not being used nor will the container break open. Enjoy your glowing, healthy skin and scrub on!

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