Introduction: Antique Fidget Spinner

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1. wood

2. 2 bearings

3. 8 nuts

4. dremmle tool

5. stain

6. drill

Step 1: Find Your Wood and Drill

I used a piece of pallet wood because it looks old, i found a piece that fit well in my hand and wasn't too thick. I drilled a hole 3/4 of an inch in the very center. It was slightly to small so i used a sanding bit on my dremle tool to make it the perfect size for the bearing.

Step 2: Get Your Bearing

i used one from a broken scooter.

Step 3: Add Your Weights

I used nuts because they are heavy and look cool. i drilled 4 9/16" holes and used a hammer to gently pound a nut into each hole, then do the same on the other side.

Step 4: Make More Comfortable

Sand it to make it more comfortable for your hand and cut out two finger-sized holes on the edges (i used a drill)

Step 5: Drill Holes

I drilled 6 holes to make it look cool and weigh less.

Step 6: Stain

I used a homemade vinegar stain to give it a rustic look. (I also used the dremmle to put another hole on the other two sides.

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