Introduction: Antique Dressing Table

Antique dressing table for doll house. Larger one can be made for actual storage options.

Step 1: Table Base

To make a fully usable dressing table with drawers and mirrors the cardboard was tattered and folded to my measurements. The idea of tattering was to create a grungy look with glitter to give an antique look.

Step 2: Create

The side flaps have to equate to the height of the table. Further, use the natural corrugated portion of the cardboard to form the rims of the table. For the drawers I stacked the 3 match boxes on top of each other.
I covered the whole box unit with a crumpled masking tape to create an uneven texture.

Step 3: Final Touches

Finally to give an antique look coat the masking tape with black gesso. Next rub silver embossing powder onto the black with a sponge. At this stage naturally the protruding portion gets colored.

Cut out an oval shape of thick paper and coated it with foil for making a mirror.For decoration I added lace dipped in glue. Post this I dabbed it again with black gesso. The small beads paired very well with color combo and used that for my drawers and mirror.

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