Introduction: Anxiety Buddy Dog Bed

I want to start off by saying I did not come up with this idea. I wanted to actually see if this may help ease my dog's anxiety. Call it my experiment.

I love this idea because it offers all the calming triggers that aid in comforting MY DOG: her dad's pants, her favorite blanket and I used mom's pillow for the stuffing...Since it is made out of old jeans and pillows that we are no longer using she will pick up on the smell of us and hopefully this helps calm her and makes her feel more secure.

Plus it is one that a parent can sit with their kids and do. Miley even tried to "help"! It is also easy enough that the older generation with tiny lap dogs can even give it a try. Make it your own. The choices are endless...

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

For this project, you will need the following:

An old pair of jeans or even a lighter material like sweatpants will work (no belt needed). It all depends on what you have lying around (for this project I’m using husband’s old yard pants Miley loves outside)

Stuffing from 1 or 2 old pillows(depends on the size of your jeans)

Stuffed Pillow for the top of the jeans or sweats

Sharp Scissors (if you don't want to cut and sew to make it kid safe you can opt to use Velcro strips)

Belt, rope or even a satin ribbon can be used for a belt (use item based on the dog's chewing habit) won’t need to use a belt if you are using sweats as they already have a drawstring.

Fleece material for a blanket (optional) but worth doing if your dog loves blankets like mine does.

Step 2: Remove Stuffing From Pillow

Start by cutting open 1 pillows and taking out the stuffing fluff it up nice and fluffy (this will make it easier to fill the legs)

Set aside in a trash bag (this keeps the dog from making a mess until you are ready to stuff your jeans).

*** For this step, I was asked if you could use old blankets as stuffing instead well and the answer is...YES! Whatever you can repurpose do it.***

Step 3: Cut Slits Up Each Leg

Next, you will take your scissors and cut each leg start at the bottom cut a slit upwards about 6 inches now space that out 3/4 to 1 inch and make another slit up 6 inches and continue until you have 5 or6 slits. You will need to cut away the end seam slit and throw away. Do this on both legs.

***If you have a hard time with the cutting and tying or even the sewing part of this project there are ways are ways around that. Velcro strips can be ironed onto the inner parts of the pant leg bottom and fastened that way.***

Step 4: Knot the Ends

This next step is like making a tie blanket you take the strips and tie them into knots that will secure the opening in the legs and you are now ready for the stuffing. I hope you're still with me there are a few more steps...

Step 5: Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

Stuff each leg to your desired firmness. Remembering that you will be crossing and moving around the legs so make them soft enough they are easily posable.Use all the stuffing you can making sure to get all the way up the leg to where the hip would start...

These jeans are men's size 38/34 relaxed fit I used only 1 pillow to stuff this.

Step 6: Add Pillow to Waist

Now remember that extra pillow that we didn’t remove the stuffing from? It goes right on top to create your waist of the jeans. Fold it in half and just stuff it right on in there. Pack it down because you don’t want the stuffing all over if your dog gets their chompers into it.

Step 7: Secure Top

Now we will tie off the top with your “belt” material. I decided to use the belt for this one because that is what I had, but I would preferto use the rope because it will draw tighter to secure the pillow down in there, also the metal on the buckle concerns me since my girl is an extreme chewer and I wouldn’t want her to break a tooth.

Make sure it is nice and snug because the dog may try and get to the pillow band possibly tear at it for the stuffing causing a big mess.

***If you have opted out of using a blanket for this project you are done!***

I don't recommend stopping here, the blanket is a cute functional addition... keep going!

Step 8: Make Blanket Fancy

Cut the edges around the blanket to make a fringe by simply cutting about 2 inches inward then space out your strips every inch or so. Tie a knot as close to the fabric as possible ta da fringe!

Simply tie 2 strips to the belt loop on either side of the pants! Remember tight knots.

I didn't have an old blanket that I could cut up for this step and Miley wouldn't have let me cut hers.
* No picture for this step. Sorry. It is a very simple step.

Step 9:

If you choose not to do the fringe this is your next step…Take your fabric and on the shorter side (top) cut a 6in diagonal slit starting from the corner. Pick the side of the jeans bed to tie it to. I picked the right side but that step really doesn’t matter it all about where you plan on setting the lap bed. Tie the blanket to the belt loop and make sure you knot it tight that way the blanket is always with the bed.

I wasn't allowed to cut her blanket so I tucked it in to show this addition.

You are done!

Everyone meet Miley the face behind the stories. I know my project wasn't an "original" but my project was an experiment to see if she would like it. I did it all for her and keeping her happy. After a few long minutes of sniffing her new friend, I will have to say SUCCESS! She likes it! I'm a happy dog mom.

Thank You for your time. Please feel free to leave feedback.

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