Introduction: Anywhere the Wind Blows.

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Wind generator.

Step 1: Making of the Wings.

Plywood (water repellent) 4mm. in thickness. 30 x 120 cm. put 6 of them in the water for one night.

Step 2: Molding

Tie the wet plywoods properly on a tree for at least one day. Draw the corner triangles with the ruler and cut them properly.

Step 3: Assembling

Cut the 6 mm. in diameters flexible pipes for at least 1 m. long. Screw them and glue them to the plywoods. Cut the ends properly, close the ends living small holes. Fill them with foam. Next day, take the screws back and clean them with fine sandpaper. Close the ends with plywood. Use still putty to get better surfaces. Clean them with fine sandpaper and paint them.

Step 4: The Structure.

Use pipes and pipe couplings to build the structure. Her I used old washing machine parts as chassis with double bearing.

Step 5: Assembling 2

Put the structure on the vertical with the help of a ruler. Get the right positioning (horizontal) of the wings again with the help of a ruler. Tie them properly and cover the washer and acme screws (steel) with silicon to protect them against rain and moisture.