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Cooling fan made out of newspaper and corrugated box cardboard (trash).

To build this fan we need;

1- Old newspapers.

2- Corrugated cardboard. (used)

3- White glue. (Water based)

4- Copper wire. (0,50 mm. thickness)

5- Brushless motor driver.

6- Magnets (2 x 2 x 0.5 mm.)

7- Bearings x 2

8- Bolts and nuts.

Step 1: Papier Mache

First cover your mold with thin plastic.

Wrap the newspaper sheets around and coat them with white glue.

5 layer is enough.

Wait every layer to dry one by one.

Take it out from the mold when it is dry enough.

Step 2: Making the Base.

Draw your base on the cardboard.

Cut and fix with the white glue.

User paper tape until they dry.

Reinforce the cardboard with white glue.

Step 3: Making the Propeller

Draw and cut the cardboard.

Use white glue and newspaper to reinforce the cardboard.

Use a piece of plastic pipe in the center where bearings will fit in.

Paste 12 magnets around the propeller. You can use 2 x 2 cm. cardboard to hold the right distance between each magnet. All of them will have the same polarity. N N N N .....

Step 4: Coils

Wrap copper wires (o,50 mm.) to build 2 x 2 x 2 cm coils. You need 18 coils.

Step 5: Cover Grid.

Draw and cut the cardboard to build a cover grid any shape you want.

Just be careful to leave enough space between.

Reinforce the cardboard with white glue.

Step 6: Fix the Coils.

Fix the coils in the right order where there will be 3 phases. The order is shown in its photo's tags.

You can use any Brushless DC motor Driver. I used DRV11873 from Texas Instruments.

You can use the evaluation module. Or built your own PCB if you want.

Collect the left ends together making them as the COMM port.

And the right ends as A , B, C for three phases.

Step 7: Collect the Pieces.

Collect the pieces together and make it run.

Use 2 bearings to make the propeller works well balanced.

Use the bolt long enough to make the propeller work well balanced.

Step 8: Finishing Processes.

You can use putty and sandpaper to have a better surface.

You can coat it with a very thin layer of polyester resin or paint it with anything you want.

You can make it work with a little solar panel or any 5V. to 12V. DC adaptor. Approximately 300mA is enough.

Have fan. :)

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