Introduction: Ape Hanger Stroller Bars

My wife and I took our son for a walk in his stroller and noticed it just wasn't that fun because we had to lean over to grab the stroller handle and push him hunched over.

To fix this problem I built extension handles for his stroller and decided to have fun with it by creating chopper style ape hanger handle bars.

Step 1: Stroller

This is a cheap stroller and it's short. Basically the only modifications that's needed to the stroller itself are the 4 holes just below the curved part of the handles.

Drill 2 holes with a diameter of .250 inches about 1 1/2 inches apart from each other.

Step 2: Handle Bar Grips

Use aluminum or something light. I used aluminum at a diameter of 1.25 and 12 inches long. You will need two.

Chuck up into a lathe and design them to your likings and have fun.

Make sure you drill a two inch hole into the handles at the diameter that will fit your bars. Depending on what you use. I used aluminum conduit with diameter of .70.

Step 3: Bend Bars, Paint and Attach Handles

Use a bender to bend the conduit to the shape that fits you best. Be sure to drill two holes at the same diameter and at the same spots in your conduit as the strollers bars.

Paint the bars.

Put gorilla glue in the holes of your handles and put the bars into the handles. Allow time to dry.

Match competed bars up to the stroller bars and use cotter pins to set the handle bar in place.

Step 4: Add Weights and Enjoy.

You might want to add some weight to the front legs so that it won't fall over when standing by itself. I used cold roll steel round stock.

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