Introduction: Applying Pros Aide 3D Transfers

This is a  lesson on  the preparation, application and removal of  Pros Aide 3D  Transfers. We will be applying a set of orbital ridge transfers used for a Zombie make up. You will need:-

* The transfers (on released acetate)
* Water slide paper
* Barrier/Sealer Spray
* Adhesive
* Remover
* Wet Wipes
* Applicator Sponges
* Cotton Buds
* Removing Brush
* Baby powder or Translucent powder

Step 1:

*Remove contents from bag

*Take off the parchment covering transfer

*Peel transfer away from the card it is stuck to ( discard card backing)

*Find shiny side of water slide paper, this is what we will glue the transfer to face down on to.

 Lay the transfer out on the table with the water slide paper, shiny side up

Step 2:

* If you want to use real make up sponges, then fine, but I use a scouring sponge that I cut the scouring part off of

* Cut it into small squares or wedges

* Pour out the adhesive into something you have handy and dab a THIN layer on to the transfer with your sponge and let it dry CLEAR.

*If you want the transfers to stay on all day, just sponge a little barrier/.sealer spray where THE FINE EDGES of the transfer wiill be on the skin. If you are only wearing the transfers for a 3 or 4 hours cover the eyes with a piece of paper towel and spray the barrier./sealer spray on to the WHOLE area where  the transfer is going. Make sure the models eyes are shut when aplp;lyinhg the barrier/ sealer spray.

* When the barrier/sealer spray is dry, sponge a thin layer of adhesive over the area you are applying the transfer to. It's better to cover a wider area than miss out some spots, as the fine edges of the transfer needs to contact the glue on the face to stay down. Go up on to the nose, nostrils, just under the eye etc,  as the edges of the orbital ridge appliances will cover these areas too. Make sure the adhesive dries clear .

Step 3:

* While the adhesive on the face is drying, place the transfer face down onto the shiny side of the water slide paper. Work with a medium pressure on  the transfer in to the water slide paper, from the middle, out to the edges. Make sure the fine edges are firmly stuck down all the way around. You can put more pressure on the finer edges.

* Cut a border close around the fine edges of the transfer.

* Hold the transfer up to the light  with the back of the water slide paper facing you. Sketch an out line around the edges of the transfer.

*Peel the acetate backing on the transfer away carefully, take your time. If an edge comes up with the acetate, just push it back down  hard and try again. Don't just peel it off  from one direction, work your way around the transfers edges before pulling the whole piece of acetate off   You now have the transfer ready to go on to the face..

Step 4:

*This piece goes under the left eye. Line up the appliance transfer side facing the skin, with the out lined water slide paper facing you. Move it around until you feel you have the best fit for you and the place the transfer onto the dried area of glue.

*Repeat the previous steps with the right orbital ridge transfer. Use the left side transfer you put down ,as a reference for placing the right orbital ridge transfer..This is the best way to get the look even and symmetrical.

*Thoroughly soak the the water slide paper on the left side with a wet sponge. Cover the whole area and push down on the contours of the face, under the, eye and up the side of the nose.. every part of the water slide paper. Do this for at least 30 seconds. If an edge or area feels stuck on the skin, wet it some more. Be patient and the water slide paper will come off.

*Peel the water slide paper away, you may see a little of the edge come up at the corner of the eye in this picture.

* Push any edge that may have come up, down on to the skin with the wet sponge.

* Repeat peeling water slide paper process under other right eye.

Step 5:

* Powder the transfers when they are dry of any excess water.

* Cover the eyes with a paper towel and spray barrier/ sealer spray over the transfers on the face and surrounding skin. This will provide a barrier against moisture and an even surface to paint.

*Any other transfers should be placed upon the face and neck using the same steps followed before painting. ( NOTE THAT ALL TRANSFERS CAN BE PREPARED ON TO THE WATERSLIDE PAPER ,10 MINUTES IN ADVANCE OF STARTING THE MAKE UP , TO SAVE TIME

* Application of prosthetics is done. Make your self a brew and smile at your handy work. Looking good now.

With a face full of Zombie transfers you can look like this!!

Step 6: Removal of Transfers

* Take your remover brush. I prefer using a flat headed, large brush, with firm but silky bristles that wont scratch the skin. You want to get under the transfers. 

* Make sure you remove any fake blood or make up that will get in the way of removal. Wet wipes work well .Pour out your remover into something available to hand and dip your brush in to it. Gently work the brush into an edge and it will come away with some patience. Keep dipping your brush in the remover and working it under the transfer. Don't pull away until you feel it is coming off. Take your time. 

* Wipe off any glue residue with a wet wipe and repeat all the removal steps with other transfers stuck to the skin. If some of the residue is particularly difficult, take a hot shower or warm bath. That should help steam the remaining glue off. Eh Voila ,one happy and clean victim .