Introduction: Arctic Fox (scene)

About: Hi! I'm DianneNK. I'm a 10th Grader. I love to code and learn new things in Software! I am also a music lover. I like animating in Flipaclip as well.

I got this idea to make an Arctic Fox by seeing this cute picture of one Arctic fox cub. I was inspired by that picture. After that I searched about more Arctic foxes as I was fascinated by them. So, that picture gave me this idea to make a 3D Arctic Fox.

Step 1: The Upper Paws

To Start, go and select the Basic Shapes tab and select for scribble. Then draw the above paw as one of the upper paws. Then repeat the same instructions and you will get two upper paws.

Step 2: The Back Paws

To make the back paws choose two scribbles and draw the objects above, each in different scribble. then connect them together. Repeat the above instructions above and then place them behind the upper paws.

Step 3: The Paws

Then arrange the back paws and the upper paws according to the image above.

Step 4: The Legs

Then, select an Extrusion from the Featured tab. After that, Place the Extrusion above one paw and change the size, colour and shape of the extrusion according to the image. Then take another extrusion and do the exact same thing to the second extrusion and place it on the second paw. Make sure all the shapes are white.

Step 5: The Thighs

Then take one Sphere and make it white in colour,and change the steps of the sphere to maximum steps. Then change the width of the sphere to any amount you wish. Then place it on top of the back paws. Make sure that the sphere is touching the back paws according to the image.

Step 6: The Chest

To make the body of the fox, First take a Half-Sphere from the Basic Shapes tab. Then change the angle according to the image or change the angle the way you wish, and then place it between the two legs. After that, select a Paraboloid from the Basic Shapes tab and place it behind the Half-Sphere as shown in the image above.

Step 7: The Body

To make the body, you have to select a cylinder. Then you have to change the sides, Bevel and the Segments into maximum. Then change the angel of the cylinder according to the image or according to your wish. Then connect it in between the thighs and the chest. Make sure that all of the shapes are white because the Arctic fox is white in colour.

Step 8: The Face

To make the face, First take a sphere from the Basic Shapes tab and change it to the size you like and connect it to the body as shown in the image.

Step 9: The Nose

Take a cone from the Basic Shapes tab and change its angle to 90 degrees. Then change the top radius to 0.57, and change the base radius to 0.97, and change the height to 8.71, and change the sides to maximum.Then select a half- Sphere and change the angle and the size the way you wish. Then connect the to shapes together according to the image and connect the whole nose to the face as shown.

Step 10: The Ears

To make the ears take two scribbles from the Basic Shapes tab. Then draw the shapes that are shown above and then connect them together. Repeat the steps and place them above the head of the Arctic Fox.

Step 11: The Tail

To make the tail, you have to select a scribble from the Basic Shapes tab. Then draw a tail of your choice or the according to the image. Then place it behind the Arctic fox's body. The scribble also must touch the bottom of the grid. Then select another scribble from the Basic Shapes tab and draw a shape like the image above then make it white in colour. Make sure that all the shapes are white in colour. Then place it in between the body and the tail and change its angle and size according to your wish.

Step 12: The Whiskers

To make the whiskers you have to select two scribbles and draw these two drawings that is in the image above. Then connect both of them to the face.

Step 13: Other Small Attributes

1. Eyes

To make the eyes you have to select a circle from the Basic shapes tab and change its colour to black and change its size according to your liking. Then change its steps to the maximum and then place it on the head according to your liking. Change its angle to according to the image. Repeat the steps you would get to eyes. Then place it to the face according to your liking. Then you got yourself a white Arctic Fox!

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