Introduction: Arduino + 4 Led and Joystick

We will do a different led work with joystick. I think you will love this..

Step 1: Pin Connections

You can see the connection shema in picture. I did this with arduino nano. And you will feel sensivity. If you move the joystick a lot to left, which led on the right will glow much then other 2 led. If you move the joystick to right, Right led will damping.

Led 1 = 3

Led 2 = 5

Led 3 = 6

Led 4 = 9

==Joystick connections;

VCC = 5V


Xaxis = A0

Yaxis = A1

Step 2: Arduino Code

Finally you must upload software to your Arduino. I have to say this warning; if your leds are works wrong, you should organize their pins.. You can watch my video. I hope it will be helpful:) I am waiting for your comments..:)

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