DIY Drone Controller (Receiver) W/Atmega328

Introduction: DIY Drone Controller (Receiver) W/Atmega328

Hi friends,

We will design a drone controller Pcb.

I will publish transmitter Pcb soon.

Please share my project, and support me for more project.

Step 1: Download Fritzing

I think easiest way of drawing a PCB is using Fritzing. Download Fritzing from website. Fritzing is a free application. Setup Fritzing.

Step 2: Fritzing 101

Open Fritzing.

Open a new drawing.

Click on to Circuit as in picture 2.

You will see a board. This is our mainboard. You can expand this board from corner.

Then you can see the parts window.

You can search parts from search box.

And you can swipe part to board.

Step 3: Adding Parts

If you find your true part, you can swipe this on to mainboard.

When you move mouse on pins(not click), you can see pins name.

You can move parts on board.

Step 4: Drawing Ways

Click on a pin and swipe to on another pin. You will get a way but this can touch other pins, you must organize cables.

!Trick: If you want a minimal PCB design, you should place parts nearly.

You can design 2 layer pcb's.

If you have overlap 2 cable, you should right click on cable and you can carry this cable under layer.

Step 5: About Drone Controller

Which parts will we use?

1 x ATMEGA328P

1 x nrf24l01 + pa (antenna)

1 x Bmp180

1 x MPU6050 Gyro

1 x 100uF Capacitor

1 x Crystal

2 x 0.1uF capacitor

6 x 100k resistor

1 x Button

1 x Power Socket

1 x Voltage Regulator (5V to 3.3V)

1 x Led

Step 6: Connecting Parts Each Other

  1. You can see my Pcb's shema in photo.
  2. Nrf24l01 to Atmega;
  3. CE=7
  4. CSN=8
  5. SCK=13
  6. MOSI=11
  7. MISO=12
  8. GND= GND
  9. VCC= 3.3V(from regulator)
  10. BMP180 to Atmega;
  11. VCC = 5V
  12. GND = GND
  13. SDA = A4
  14. SCL = A5
  15. MPU6050 to Atmega;
  16. VCC = 3.3v (from regulator)
  17. Gnd =Gnd
  18. SDA = A4
  19. SCL =A5
  20. We can use A4 and A5 for multiple devices.
  21. Led For Power
  22. + = 5V (from a resistor)
  23. - = Gnd
  24. You can see other connects in picture.

Step 7: My GRBL DOC

I used "" and my Pcb's are well produced. You can see my project on Drone Controller


How Can You Program Atmega328p?

Answer: Use a Arduino Uno With Atmega 328p-pu processor.

Program chip and solder to board.

I am developing software so you can send an email to me for software.

After final work I will upload software to there.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 8

    Sir you stated this is the receiver board. Then can assume that this is the board that the drone will be built around? My question is how much does it weigh and what are the dimensions? I have seen a few drones, but not with an antenna that large. Can't wait to see the final product..Super Job on the building the board and installing all the components !!!


    2 years ago on Step 8

    Good job, simple board with good design :)