Introduction: Arduino Based Wireless Robotic Car Controlled by Hand Gestures

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Its my first ever instuctable, hope it will be helpful for engineering students. In this project you can learn and practice

  • The wireless communication through blutooth modules.
  • How to use and code MPU-6050 gyroscope.
  • Controlling of DC motors.

Step 1: Step 1:

I want you to download the library for the main part of this project MPU-6050. It will make the coding easy.
Must check the example given in this library.

2nd you should learn how to use HC-05 blutooth modules as master and slave mode. I have not written any instructable for this technique but you may learn this by Click here .

Step 2: Equipment

1. Arduino x2.(I recommend Arduino UNO)
2. HC-05 blutooth modules x2 (One for transmitter(Master mode), one for receiver(slave mode).

3. MPU-6050 gyroscope.

4. Batteries x2 . (6v to 9v).

5. Jumper wires

6. Robotic car body.

7. 1 Glove

8. Breadboard.

9. L293D motor driver.

Step 3: L293D Motor Driver

The pin config of L293D is given according to picture.

Step 4: Circuit Designing for Glove.

For Gyroscope.
Connect "SDA" from your accelerometer to analog pin 4(A4) of the Arduino, or where it's marked as "SDA".
Connect "SDCL" from your accelerometer to analog pin 5(A5) of the Arduino or where it's marked as "SCL".
VCC to arduino 3.3v pin.
GND to arduino GND pin.
For blutooth Module
Connect VCC to arduino 5v pin.
Connect GNDto arduino GND pin.
Rx to digital pin 10.
Tx to digital pin 11.

At last connection for battery.

Step 5: Connections for Car.

For blutooth module.
make connection as mention above for the glove.

Digital pins 4 and 5 of Arduino to the L293D input 1 and 2.

Digital pins 6 and 7 for the L293D input 3 and 4.

connect supply to L293D VCC and Enable pins by battery positive terminal.

Common all the 4 GND pins of L293D and connect them to the negative terminal of battery.

Car Motors:

For front motor which is responsible to turn the car left or right. Connect its wires to output one and two of L293D.
For back motor which is responsible to move the car forward and back. Connect its wires to output three and four of L293D.

Step 6: Programming.

Upload the codes to Arduino used for glove and car.

Step 7: Important Note.

  1. If the blutooth modules are not connecting or taking too much time. It is recommended to you first supply the glove and after few seconds supply the car. The connection will be established fast.
  2. If you rotate the glove or gyro to left but the motor of front wheels rotate the wheels to right , please change(alter) the connections of motor wires. same instruction for back wheels.

Step 8:

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