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Hello instructibles!! I just made something really really cool. Its not quite mind reading but it sure is close! I have made an arduino powered eeg machine, also known as Electroencephalography machine. Now normaly these will cost you lots of money and are hard to understand without a degree in neuro science, but this arduino version is much cheaper and easier! So you might be asking... What does it do? In short it reads brainwaves that are created by your brain. This allows us to tell how much a person is paying attention or if he/she is deppressed or in an emotional state.

Step 1: Required Materials

You will need a few things in order make this. Most of the stuff I had lying around so it did not cost me much.

1: a mindflex eeg headset (must have a nerosky brand control board inside)

2: an arduino

3: a usb cable

4: a computer

5: basic tools (screwdriver, multimeter, wire-snips)

6: a soldering iron

Step 2: Dismantle the Headset

First, before you do anything make sure you remove the batteries and turn off the headset. Next, unscrew the four screws on the left side of the headset and open it up.

Now look for the smaller circuit board with 6 pins sticking out and a label saying "NeuroSky" after you have found that board, go and solder a wire to the pin that is labeled T and then solder another one to the pin on the bigger board that has a black wire connecting to it.

Step 3: Hookup the Arduino

Hook up the wire soldered to the T pin to the RX pin on the Arduino and the pin soldered to the black wire to GND on the Arduino

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Put the headset back together and zip tie the Arduino to the mind flex, then put the batteries back in.

Step 5: Upload Some Code

Download the Arduino Brain library and upload the brain serial out example code. Note: make sure you disconnect the RX pin wire before uploading as it can cause errors if it is still plugged in. Once you have uploaded it keep your Arduino connected to your computer and plug the RX pin back in. Then turn on the headset.

Open the serial monitor to see if you are getting csv data from the headset.

Step 6: See Your Mind

Download processing here:

And get the brain grapher code here:

Then run it while the Arduino is on and sending data. And with enough fiddling with the connection quality indicator you should get realtime brainwave data.

Step 7: Your Done!

Congratulations you have successfully completed this instructible! And created an EEG headset!


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