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Hello instructibles, today I will be showing you how to make a tablet bot. Tablet bot is a remote controllable tablet based robot built using zip ties and recycled DVD drive parts. The base of tablet bot contains an Arduino UNO and a seed studio motor shield. All of this is hooked up to an Asus t100 transformer book. Via USB and is communicating via serial. I also have it connected to a blynk account so that I can drive it with my phone.
Additionally I have a remote utilities server setup so that I can view the webcam.

Step 1: Materials

You will need several things to make a tablet bot. Some of this is optional such as the multimeter.

1. An Arduino UNO

2. A seed studio motor shield v1.0

3. Two Lego mind storms NXT servo motors

4. Two Lego mind storms to power functions converter cables.

5. An Asus t100 transformer book

6. A lot of zip ties

7. Wire snips

8. A USB cable

9. A smartphone (android or iPhone)

10. Screwdriver

11. Multimeter (optional)

General knowledge of computers and electronics (and robotics)

Step 2: The Chassis

Tablet bot will need a good strong chassis to be built on. We will be making it out of parts from old DVD drives.

To take apart a DVD drive and get the parts, put a paper clip in the hole in the front to make the drawer pop out. Then push in on the tabs on the side and Pop off the front cover. After that just try and unscrew every screw you can see and pull everything apart.

Next put the two metal DVD drive parts together and zip tie the Lego motor like shown, now put on an axle and a wheel from your Lego collection.

Next you can either buy a caster wheel or make one out of Legos, either way you can zip tie them on

Step 3: Electronics

Now for the part that can be somewhat tricky if you do not have very good knowledge of electronics.

First, get out your NXT to power functions converter and snip off the power functions end, split the two wires and strip them. Do this for both cables.

Now get out your motor shield and insert the two cables into the two screw terminals on the shield. Then plug the two cables into the motors.

After you have hooked up the motors put the shield on the Arduino and then put the Arduino on something non conductive as I almost ruined my Arduino when I put it on the metal DVD drive part and it shorted out.

Next put the transformer book on the DVD drive chassis and zip tie it down. Once that is done, plug the Arduino into it via a USB cable and power the motor shield with a 9 volt battery.

Step 4: Programming

Guess what time it is!! Coding time!!

Time to setup blynk, the Arduino and remote utilities. First follow my blynk setup tutorial so that you have experience with using blynk. Next download the serial example code onto your Arduino once you have copied in your auth token. Then run the blynk-ser.bat located in:


Then select the serial port that your Arduino is on.

Remote utilities:

Download remote utilities host and install it.

Step 5: App Setup

Setup your blynk app as shown above. Two sliders on pin D9 and D10 and four buttons on D8, D11, D12 and D13

Step 6: It Works!

Turn on an computer and open the remote utilities viewer, select webcam. Now open up your blynk app and tap the run button. Did it work? if it didn't here are some tips!

1. check your authentication token, does it match the one in the app?

2. get a new authentication token! yours might of expired.

3. make sure the blynk-ser.bat file is running.

4. do you hear a whining noise but see no movment? make sure the 9 volt is plugged in.

If it did work, here are some ideas for what to use it for.

exploring dangerous areas

seeing what the world looks like from a robots perspective

freaking out your pets with the skype app.

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