How to Setup and Configure an Iphone

Introduction: How to Setup and Configure an Iphone

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Hello! I know that this is a simple tutorial but it might be of use to people who have either switched from android to iphone or simply have no experience with iphones and want to learn more.

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Step 1: Wallpaper Changing!

One of the most essential peices of knowlage that an iphone user must know, is how to change a wallpaper.

Step 1:

Tap the settings icon on your homescreen.


Tap wallpaper

Step 3:

Tap choose new wallpaper


Pick a wallpaper, you can choose from dynamic or stills (note if you have an old iphone you may not see the dynamic option)

Step 2: Updating Software

Its important to keep your iphone software up to date, and is essential to getting the most out of your phone.

Step 1:

Go to settings

Step 2:

Tap on general

Step 3:

Tap on software update

Step 4:

If an update is availible, chanses are that your phone has allready downloaded the update and is waitimg to be installed. If so just click the install button.

Step 3: Changing Notifications

Is your phone constantly buzzing beeping and alerting you about things that you dont care about? Turning on and off notifications for different apps is something you should definatly know.

Step 1:

Go to settings

Step 2:

Tap notifications

Step 3:

Tap the app you want to turn off/on

Step 4: Opening the Control Center

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

Step 5: The End!

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