Introduction: DIY !! Awesome Arduino !!!

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Instead of buying China clones you can build your own arduino for around 3dollars or 200INR , here is all the information you need to build it,

watch video here :

Step 1: Components Required

1) copper clad board
2) sand paper
3) drill bits-0.8mm
4) Saw blade
5) ferrous chloride
6) plastic box
7) water
8) iron box

9) Atmega 328pu /Atmega 328p-pu
10) 16mhz crystal -1
11) 22pf capacitor-2
12) 10k resistor-1
13) 1k resistor -2
14) Red Led-3mm -1
15) Blue Led-3mm -1
16) male headers -2stick
17) female header -1
18) push button-1
19) 104capacitor -2
20) soldering iron
21) flux
22) soldering lead

Step 2: Prepare Copper Clad Board

Take a plane copper clad board scrub it with Sand paper for 1min till it becomes shiny,

take a Master paper(or any glossy paper)
download arduino clone PCB pcb on

print it on master sheet only by using LASER printer,

once it is done , now place the printed PCB paper on copper clad and iron it for 10min carefully don't over heat it, now carefully remove the paper by using cold water ,

if any track is missing use marker to cover it ,
now prepare ferrous chloride solution use plastic box to mix solution,

then dip the copper clad board on ferrous chloride solution ,now leave it for 20min ..afterwards take it out and wash it with water carefully and scrub it with sandpaper PCB is ready

take a drill machine and drill it with 0.8mm drill bit,

Step 3: Solder All Components

As per the circuit diagram (website : ) solder all the components !! it will take nearly 20mins ...use 2 jumpers which is needed for this PCB..

Step 4: Program It With FTDI Convertor

Once soldering is Finished ,it is ready to be programmed ,use FTDI converter which has 6pins on it..and write any program to Arduino !!

Step 5: Upload Blink Program and Test It !!!

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Step 6: Video !

watch this ! thank you