Introduction: Arduino Modular Analog "Instant" Camera

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This is an analog "instant" camera made with Arduino.

After using my Polaroid for many years, I started to think about building my own instant camera.
I first build a few pinhole cameras but was not happy with the result.

So I started building a real camera, with lens, shutter, sonar autofocus, touch control, all controlled by an arduino.
The design is modular, magnets hold the main parts together and make easy opening and assembling the camera.

Most of the parts are laser cut, and a few have been 3d printed.

In the current build, the Arduino controls the servo shutter, the Af servo with Sonar sensor,  and measures exposure via light sensor.
The menu is controlled via a Nintendo DS touchscreen, without the display, to keep cost down it is placed over a printed/ laser etched surface. It takes onlt 4 pins on the arduino but you can virtually have infinite active regions/ buttons on your device.

Photo is taken on ILFORD photosensible paper, that is then developed.

Current photo mode are auto, manual, double exposure. More will be added later.

I'm planning to build on the next iteration a paper tray that will allow to load multiple sheets.
Then I'll work on the paper development to happen INSIDE the camera, and the result should be a real instant camera.

I have been working for this project for about 2 months, most of the time was spent waiting for laser cut parts to arrive.

The look of the camera is also very important; the final version will have tanned leather and metal casted parts, for a "Rollei-like" look.

The project is still improving, and the goal is to create a ready-to-be-assembled full kit to build an arduino instant camera.

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