Introduction: Arduino Output Tester Using LED #Xolcano

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This is a simple and very useful Project whenever you are working on any prototype you can use this to save time ..! so letz get started

Step 1: Components Needed

1) LED 3mm -#7
2) 1k Resistor- #7
3) perforated breadboard
4) soldering lead
5) soldering Gun
6) wire stripper
7) double tape(optional)
8) Electrical tape (optional)

Step 2: Led Wiring

place all the led in one column here the important is all the LED's Anode and cathode should come in same side don't connect it in wrong side.

then connect all the cathode and solder , and connect it to the Male header ,so that it can be connected to arduino ground

Step 3: Schematic Diagram

connect all the components as per the schematic diagram !!

Step 4: Resistor ,LED Interfacing

connect each resistor in between LED anode to Male header individually so that it make output tester ! then solder all the legs of LED and RESISTOR ,and cutoff extra length ,

Step 5: Covering

cover the bottom part of the PCB which is soldering part with Double tape and other part with black electrical tape ! which gives long life to it !!

Step 6: Test It With Arduino

connect the Arduino ground to breadboard ground and Arduino 5v to one of the LED ! and test it with all the LED one by one !!

Step 7: Yes ! It Works for Both 3.3v and 5v Arduino Supply !!

Test it with Both 5v and 3.3v ,for me it worked well for both the supply !!

I hope you will build it soon,Thank you have a nice Day !!!