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Introduction: 1. Arduino Tutorial HIndi/Urdu

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Hello Everyone

I am going to make a video tutorial series of 10 videos. So this is my instructables of 1st video, best thing of this series is that, it is available in Hindi and English, so it is very useful for everyone.

Step 1: Gather the Material

1. Arduino UNO/ other and USB cable

2. Breadboard

3. Some LED's

4. Resistor 330 ohm

5. Male to Male Jumper Wire

Step 2: Make a Circuit

Make a simple circuit on breadboard using these components. circuit is shown in the images, in this circuit 5 LEDs are used in series with resistance. 330 ohm resistances are connected in series with every LED, in this program leds are running in one direction.

Step 3: Code

just copy and paste this code in Arduino and upload

Step 4: Code Explaination

Line 1: Void Setup()

Void Setup is used for code setup, in this section microcontroller execute the code only one time at the time of starting of Arduino.

Line 2: pinMode(A0,OUTPUT)

pinMode is used for defining the nature of pin, Nature can be input or Output. in this function A0 is the pin and OUTPUT is the nature of this pin, we are using led so A0 is OUTPUT, if you want to connect the sensor nature will INPUT.

Line9: Void Loop()

void Loop is the most useful function, this will run continuously.

Line10: digitalWrite(A0,HIGH)

digitalWrite is used for making the pin LOW(ZERO/0/OFF) or HIGH(ONE/1/ON), A0 is the pin

Line11: delay()

delay function is used for delay, the input parameter is milliseconds.

Step 5: Video

Watch my video for complete guideline

Playlist of Tutorial Series


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    2 years ago

    Thanks,,, my name plate making hardware s and system I want for home purpuse ,,,is it possible through you ??? ,,, please contact. 9064436919


    Question 3 years ago

    I want to build internet control robot by arduino. How this possible? pls tell me


    4 years ago

    Nice Project,Simple to learn and Make, Thanks for sharing!