Introduction: Arduino Watch Box

It all began with a dream, I had one fateful night. I was a crazy watch lover, a jewelry expert extraordinaire. Sadly, I will be departing to college shortly and will need a storage device for all of my accessories. That dream led to the birth of a multi-storage box that houses every accessory that a gentleman needs to stay classy and prestigious. The focus of the design revolves (pun intended) around housing for my expensive watches. The classiest of gentleman's sport automatic watches which is why the compartments for the watches rotate to continuously. See other explanations along with the step-by-step instructions on our page!

Tools needed for this project: Drill Press, Drill, Bandsaw, screwdriver, Computer, 3-d printer, Carvey

Materials: 4 (1/8 inch) mdf, 2(1/4 inch) mdf, circle rod, dc motor, arduino, 9v battery, pcb breadboard

Step 1: Step 1: Gather the Material for the Box

First, you need to find a quarter inch MDF and make it into a dimension of 21 x 30

Then divide the MDF into two parts with the dimension of 18 and 12. Note that 18 will be the sunglass stand and 12 part will be the watch winder. Then with ⅛ MDF cut two of MDF into 21 x 30 to fit the sides.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Sunglass Stand

Cut a rectangle wood into a 30 inch(in length). And using a drill press, place a hole every 6 inches of distance to place the back stand for sunglasses. Then line up the wood with the board to screw it in place.

Step 3: Step 3: Creating the Box

By using a block of wood, attach the block of wood to each end of the MDF to secure the walls of the watch box. Using a Carvey, draw a 1/16 in deep line between the separation to place another wall to separate the compartment. Then attach the sunglass stand on the left compartment using screws.

Step 4: Step 4: Creating the Watch Winder

Using a 3d printer, create a case for the watch winder with the dimension of 9 cm by 9 cm. With a rectangular space in the middle. On the back of the design, place a small hole to attach to the motor to rotate.

Step 5: Step 5: Programming the Arduino

Using the Arduino program from the computer, program the Arduino to set the speed of the watch winder to constantly rotate at one speed in both directions.

Step 6: Step 6: Creating the Circuit for the Arduino

Create a DC motor circuit with Arduino and L293 like the one above. Then solder the circuit into the PCB breadboard.

Step 7: Step 7: Attaching the Watch Winder

By carefully placing the motor at a suitable angle for the watch winder, place the motor and the circuit board into the right side of the watchbox.

Step 8: Step 8: Finishing the Box

By putting a 1/8 inch MDF in the back and 1/4 MDF on the top, finish creating the watch box.

Step 9: Aftermath

I really enjoyed doing this project. I got to build what I wanted to build while challenging myself to tackle new things such as soldering and programming Arduino. Yet, I have more improvements to make on this watch box. For my next prototype, I will use different types of wood to build the walls of my box, create a different program for Arduino using the shield to control the speed to simplify the circuit and add lED to the sunglass display. Hopefully for my next project, I can have more time and a partner to help me out with the Project.