Introduction: Arduino YouTube Subscriber Counter

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This Arduino project was inspired by FlapIt and YouTube Play Button. It has three of advantages over such projects.

  1. It has a web UI (Not so beautiful)
  2. It automatically truncates the subscriber count to values like 120k or 12m
  3. It is easily customisable (If you don't have a Nokia 5110 LCD, you can use any Adafruit GFX compatible screen)

Proceed to the next step if you are interested.

Step 1: Prepare the Hardware

You will need:

  1. 8 jumper wires
  2. Any Adafruit_GFX compatible screen (I'll use Nokia 5110)
  3. NodeMCU 1.0
  4. Breadboard
  5. Any printer to print the housing

Step 2: Wire Everything Up

If you use Nokia 5110 screen here's the pinout:

pin 13 - Serial clock out (SCLK)

pin 15 - Serial data out (DIN)

pin 5 - Data/Command select (D/C)

pin 4 - LCD chip select (CS)

pin 2 - LCD reset (RST)

If you use another, wire it yourself

Step 3: Prepare the Software


  1. ESP8266 Platform
  2. Adafruit GFX
  3. Adafruit GFX Nokia 5110 driver (Modified for ESP8266)
  4. Youtube API
  5. ArduinoJSON


Step 4: Create the Housing

Just print one of the images above (one with the white square is for Nokia 5110) and cut out a hole for the screen, then stick it to the screen

Step 5: Configure Through Web UI

Go to ESP's IP address in browser and start customizing!

Step 6: Enjoy!

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