Introduction: Arduino Joysticker

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This project is all about how to use an arduino with Joy stick and lcd

Step 1: Things You Need

1x Arduino (Any type, I’m using an uno)

1x Breadboard (Sparkfun / Maplin )

1x 16×2 LCD Screen compatible with Arduino (Sparkfun / Maplin )

1x Thumb stick (I salvaged mine from a broken games controller) (Sparkfun )

1x Breakaway pins4x Bell Wire/Jumpers (Sparkfun / Maplin )

1x Wire Stripper1x Wire snips

1x Flat snip (For the breakaway pins)

Step 2: Connection Lcd to Arduino

Connect pins 1,3 and 5 to the Arduino’s GND. (Doesn’t matter which one)

Connect pin 2 to the Arduino’s +5v

Connect pin 4 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 12

Connect pin 6 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 11

Connect pin 11 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 10

Connect pin 12 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 9

Connect pin 13 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 8

Connect pin 14 to the Arduino’s Digital Pin 7

Step 3: Connecting the Joystick

Now let’s move onto the thumb stick, I’ve color coded all 6 pins on the thumb stick, each direction is Red, White and Black, they represent +5v, Analog signal and ground respectably.

Hook up the black wires into the ground rail, and the red wires into the +5v power rail, connect one white wire into analog in 0 and the other into analog in 1

Step 4: Coding

click here for code

The PDF file is attached at top of the step

Uplode the code and enjoy playing with it