Introduction: How to Protect Your Breathing Better Faster Cheaper: Invent the AREVERA BREATHER. Better Than a Breathing Mask

Good Breathing Masks Becoming Expensive and Scarce?

Standard Protection for Police-People / Soldiers / Cashiers / Airplane Attendants / Those with weak immune systems / Those with Donour Organs?

Unfortunately no real protection with the standard masks: Most masks only help for 20 minutes, because of becoming wet from the inside.

Virusses from the outside make your mask their breeding ground and will be sucked into your lungs.

Self sewn cloth solutions unfortunately seem only are a friendly gesture. No real protection.
Just imagine: Try to keep noodle soup with a paper coffee filter.

What are the available alternatives for your safety? "Boxer Woman" (=trunks over head) or "Bamberes" (=Pampers(c) over head) do not really seem feasible (Also see links at

Do you need something that really helps?
Something you can start using today?
It would first have to be invented!?

Do help yourself:

Simply answer five easy questions - and in next-to-no-time YOU are the INVENTOR!

Step 1: Become an Inventor - in Next-to-No-Time

Simply answer five easy questions
- and in next-to-no-time YOU are the INVENTOR!

QUESTION ONE: Have you ever seen snorkle-masks?

Those silly diving goggles with the breathing tube. Nice for splashing around.

QUESTION TWO: How about putting a piece of loo/filter/...paper over top of the tube and fix it with a rubber band ring? Would be OK for inhaling. But looks stupid and after 5 minutes you'd be sweating.

QUESTION THREE: Where are you normally on the move?

Unless you are Spongebob, not under water. So just leave the goggles at home and just keep the tube to inhale.

QUESTION FOUR: And what about Exhaling?

Of course, not through the tube, but simply through the mouth. That's how the naughty fluid will just fly away, that would have rendered your valuable breathing mask useless. (see top of this text).

QUESTION FIVE: Must I run around with a stupid tube?

Of course NOT. A 10 cm (4 in) long piece of tube will suffice; just attach a small piece of quality filtering paper with a rubber ring.

But be sure to get enough air:

The tube inner diameter should be at least 1/2in (12mm)! And for better supply the tube should be perforated of cut where it is in contact with the paper.

Excellent: You just invented the AREVERA BREATHER.

Let's look at the advantages of your invention:

(++) Stable and compact: Easy to use. Everywhere.

(++) No breeding ground for virusses: Much less humidity.

(++) Easier cleaning: Take off Rubber Ring and Paper and rinse. Dry. Ready.

(++) Less ressources needed: The filter can be much smaller than in a standard breathing mask.

(++) More protection when inhaling: The mouth is closed safely around the tube. Smaller filter can be of higher quality at the same price.

(++) Easy and fast production: No sewing machines and no special skills needed.

(++) Very much cheaper than breathing masks: On 26th March the Gouvernor of Oregon had to pay 7 USD per standard mask (100,000 pcs min). (7 USD! on live TV!) Prices rising.

(++) Relatively cool looks: You can even handle it like a cigar and it's good for your health ;-)

So many advantages?
Congratulations: You are such an excellent INVENTOR!

Step 2: Improve Your Invention

So you just invented the AREVERA BREATHER. Great!

And while you're at it, just continue the good work:
Just think of a few more solutions to improve your invention.

(??) What kind of filter paper would you need? Standard loo paper does not suffice, does it? Maybe a piece of HEPA filter from your vacuum cleaner?

(??) To prevent the user from coughing on others: What must the diameter of the cardboard disk be, that you stick over your AREVERA BREATHER like a pacifier?

(??) To prevent the user from readjusting the AREVERA BREATHER: Attach an extra handle? Use big rubber band aroud the head? Integrate into Cap / Sombrero / Funny Hat...?

(??) What must a quick-change mechanism for the filter look like to really work easily?

(??) Can the AREVERA BREATHER be made even more valuable as an inhaler? A drop of Australian Tea Tree Oil on the filter is anti-viral. But not good for the lung. So beware!

There are so many possibilities for optimization...

Looking forward to your inventions!

AND when you think,
this is just crap,
then just invent something better and we will introduce it to the world together!

Step 3: Continue!

As Albert Einstein said 70 years ago:

What you think and what you do NOW:
It really can save lives now and in the future!

Closing remarks:
I am a firm believer in the three Laws Of Fairness behind

Law Of Fairness No 1:
Every good Idea deserves Support:
Recommendation, Donation, Profit Share...
Why do Patreon and Paypal exist?

Law Of Fairness No 2:
No Person must live in fear, that someone else will steal their idea and be successfull:
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Law Of Fairness No 3:
To make good Ideas inaccessable is a Disgrace.
The Person that does not spread Knowledge should be ashamed.
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You can do that :-) We all can do ;-)

Live well + help + spread the word!