Introduction: Amateur Rocket

Do you want to build your own rocket???
Well, I did and so can you! With a little of my guidance, you will be on your way. If you need help or don't understand, just go down to the comments and I can help you out there.

Step 1: The Design

I used OpenRockets To design my rocket. You can download it here:

The design took me about 3 Hours because I kept mix matching and checking! The law where I am launching this from is go as high as you want just only up to D class engines. And everyone has to be 30 meters away from the rocket launch, excluding the 1 or 2 people who set up and launch the rocket. I printed out some stickers but that one is optional!

Step 2: Your New Shopping List

Here is a list of all the items needed!


  • Plastic Table Cloth
  • #3 Crochet Thread
  • #7 Barrel Swivels
  • 1/4" Braided Elastic

Rocket Wadding:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Pure Baking Soda

Fins and Nosecone:

  • Cardboard
  • Template
  • Styrofoam nose cone


  • Black Spray paint
  • Black Paint

Body Tube:

  • 7 CM (Wide) 52 CM (Tall) Cardboard
  • Cap (For Engine Holder)
  • C6-5 (motor)
  • Toilet Roll


  • Small USB camera


  • Stanly knife
  • A good brain
  • Hot glue gun


  • Fire resistant electrical tape

Step 3: Nose Cone and Fins

For The Nosecone, I went shopping for one that would fit on my rocket (7CM) and painted it. I did 2 layers of paint for all painting.

And then I cut out the template items and pasted them on the cardboard, to cut out.

Last off I painted the fins with spray paint. then let them dry

Step 4: Painting the Tube and Cap

I painted the tube with spray paint, 2 layers. Make sure you wear gloves!!!! This part I did 3 layers for and the tube is 7 CM Wide and 52 Tall. If your cap is not black already paint it black with 4 layers

Step 5: Cording

Put one end of the elastic cording into one of the shock cord mounts and glue it inside then do the same for the other side! Then glue one end to the bottom of the bottom of the nose cone and the other to the top the rocket.

Step 6: Glue It

Once all the paint is dry. You need to use the hot glue gun and glue the fins on and the cap on to the rocket.

Step 7: HOLD ON!

Cut The toilet roll in half, paint it then glue it onto the rocket.

Step 8: Static Fire

The motor should normally come in a pack of 3, so there would be 1 left over.Just grab some bricks and do what I did!


Step 9: Launch Day

You can just stick a metal rod in the ground and put the rocket on it grab you. Igniters that should have come with the rocket and tap it to the battery. Up in the sky, it goes!!!! Good Luck.

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