Introduction: Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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Hello All,

If you are fan of Essential oil then this instructable is for you, you love the presence of your favourite EO around you. Well to keep it in that way, you must definitely try these pendants. They are easy and fun to make and look fancy to wear. Let's get into the making process

Step 1: Supplies

1) Fevicryl mouldit - 1 No

2) Essential oil (your choice)

3) Shape cutter

4) Roller

5) Parchment paper

6) Food colouring (optional)

7) Jute threads - green, pink, yellow (not shown in pic) or lether

8) Jump rings - 6 Nos

9) S hook - 3 Nos

Step 2: Prep You Base

What I got is more like epoxy compound, resin and hardener will be separate you have to combine them to make 3D objects. Mixing should be done evenly, roll and roll finally you'll have even white coloured outcome

Step 3: Round Cut Out

Roll out your clay about 1/8" thickness and make cutout of round using circle shape cutter or any object with round base. I used a perfume bottle cap

Step 4: Poke and Imprint

Before drying you have to poke a hole for thread to pass through, make sure the hole is big enough to pass through two times of thread. If you have small stamps, they will be very useful here, unfortunately I didn't have those so I cut fresh peppermint leaf and kept on the clay to imprint it. Rolled it gently

Step 5: Paint It

I didn't have any water based or acrylic colour , so I painted using food colouring

Step 6: Rose Time

Another pendant I started by giving colour and mixed it with clay, it gave a awesome marbled pink colour, then I used silicone mould, pressed the clay firmly and pierced it through tooth pick and let it sit for couple of minutes

Step 7: Third Pendant

Likewise, I poured few drops of blue to clay and mixed it with clay to obtain marbled sky blue colour

Step 8: Snow Flake

Then using snowflake cutter I pressed and exacted the snow flake shape in beautiful blue colour, there were extra little bits removed then using knife all these modification can be done only before hardening. With the extra clay I even made beads

Step 9: EO Time

Rose pendant for Rose EO, Leaf pendant for Peppermint EO and Snowflake for refreshing lemon

Step 10: Testing With EO

I dropped 4-5 drops of Peppermint EO on the leaf pendant, first thing colouring didn't get affected. It took few minutes to absorb and later smelled divinely

Step 11: Smooth

Even though I had a perfect round cutter, they were little non round place, have to even the surface. Hence I used silicon carbide paper to smooth up the texture and structure

Step 12: Jute Thread

Cut the thread as per your requirement, by determining how big i.e., what you length you want, Insert the mid line and loop it with end to tie a knot. It was looking dull I gave another coat of colour on it

Step 13: Extra Something...

If you wanna add cute little things, you can add by using jump rings looping thread and heart

Step 14: Final Procedure

Tie knot with jump rings and connect them with S hook.

Step 15: Do the Same

Do the same for rose and for snowflake is there is no hole I tied by three ways and knot to give beautiful look on the front and hold firmly as well.

Step 16: Thank You

Thank you for coming this far. Hope you enjoy the journey as I did

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in comment section.

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